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Strom Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorneys: Defending your Drug Charges in State Criminal Court

If you have been arrested on drug charges, and are worried about your personal and professional livelihood, you can rest assured that we are here to help.  We know the system, we understand the law, and we will pursue every avenue available to protect your rights.

Federal and State drug charges in South Carolina carry stiff penalties which can result in prison time. When faced with a drug charge, you need a lawyer who knows how the system works and will fight to protect your rights.

Immediately after being hired as your criminal defense attorney, we will begin challenging the evidence presented by the prosecutor. Every drug case is unique. If you have been arrested on drug charges in South Carolina, the Columbia, South Carolina drug crimes attorneys offer a free, no-cost consultation to discuss your legal rights.

Our attorneys will aggressively defend your case and fight to protect your rights.

About Columbia, South Carolina

columbia south carolina state houseRichland County is the second largest county in South Carolina and is home to Columbia, which serves as state capitol and county seat. Richland County is home to numerous landmarks including the SC State House, Fort Jackson Army Base, the state flagship University of South Carolina, and the Supreme Court of South Carolina.

The University of South Carolina, the state flagship university of South Carolina, is the proud home of the Gamecocks and educates over 32,000 students per year on its Columbia campus. The university generates a tremendous impact on the city, which is ranked as the #3 college town in the country.

Columbia offers several popular bar districts, including Five Points and The Vista. Five Points, located on Harden Street in downtown Columbia, is home to over 20 bars and pubs. Popular among University of South Carolina students, Five Points also hosts several classic eateries and boutique shops. The Vista, located on Gervais Street, is a popular downtown area for young professionals and offers upscale dining and scenic views of the Congaree river.

Nightlife is an active part of the Columbia social scene. Between Five Points, The Vista, and the up-and-coming Main Street district, there are many options from which to choose. Main Street is currently undergoing a renaissance, hosting many popular Columbia events such as Restaurant Week, Famously Hot New Year, the Soda City Market, and Oktoberfest. The Vista, famous for its upscale dining and the Vista Lights, is another option common among young professionals, while many students choose to frequent Five Points, complete with signature events St. Pats in Five Points and the Five Points Chili Cookoff. There is no shortage of exciting activity in Columbia.

Our attorneys frequently have significant experience in The City of Columbia City Court, located at 811 Washington St., Columbia, SC 29201, and Central Court, located at 1701 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201. Our attorneys also frequently visit the Alvin S. Glenn detention center, located at 201 John Mark Dial Dr., Columbia, SC 29209.

There are many interstates and freeways that run through Columbia and Richland County, some even beginning or ending within the city limits. I-20, I-26, and I-77 each run through Richland County, and two other major interstates (I-85 and I-95) run nearby through other counties in South Carolina. These major highways run to Florence, Charlotte, Charleston, Greenville, and beyond.

Contact the Strom Law Firm immediately after you are arrested.

Arrested with SC Drug Charges?

Justice Scales

There is a variety of drugs that may be related to drug charges, be they possession, distribution, trafficking or manufacturing. These drugs are divided into categories which carry different crime severities, from Schedule I to Schedule III. Some commonly heard examples of these drugs are marijuana, crack cocaine, morphine, and heroin.

The SC attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC will aggressively defend your case.  We represent clients in all State and Federal Courts in South Carolina as well as the Federal Courts in Georgia.

Types of South Carolina Drug Offenses

There are various types of drug-related crimes, depending on the type of activity in question. Cultivation and manufacturing, related to the early phase of drug creation, are two types of drug-related crimes. Also filed under drug-related crime is prescription fraud and simple possession, as well as trafficking and possession with intent to distribute.


The severity of SC drug charge punishment is dependent upon a number of surrounding factors, including whether you have a prior conviction, the amount of drugs you possessed, and whether you were in the proximity of a school.

The consequences of drug crimes are serious and will dramatically impact your life. Some of these consequences are light to substantial prison time, moderate to severe monetary fines, probation or probation upon release, and the loss of particular rights if convicted of a felony, including the right to vote.

The effectiveness of the defendant’s legal representation plays a crucial role in the outcome of a drug case. At the Strom Law Firm, LLC our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and providing aggressive representation for your case. We know the system, we understand the law, and we will provide an aggressive defense. We offer a no cost consultation with one of our drug defense attorneys.  Call us today to discuss your arrest, how to determine the evidence against you, as well as possible defenses.

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