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About Sumter, South Carolina

Sumter, SC court houseSumter, SC is the largest town and county seat of Sumter County, South Carolina. Sumter is located outside of Florence, SC, where Interstate 20 and 95 intersect. Sumter is known for a variety of attractions, including USC-Sumter and Shaw Air Force Base.

Founded in 1941 as Shaw Field, the Shaw Air Force Base is one of the largest Air Force Bases in the world. Shaw AFB is home to the 20th fighter wing, the largest combat F-16 wing in the Air Force. The base’s annual payroll is $625 million, and hosts of 20,000 residents, contributing greatly to the economy and population of Sumter.

Because of Sumter’s location between Florence and Columbia, I-95 and multiple U.S. Routes run through its borders. Sumter is 100 miles west of Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand, a popular tourist destination. Sumter also plays home to a variety of bars and nightlife venues.

Ranked fifth highest out of 338 SC metropolitan areas, Sumter’s crime rate is high. Sumter, at the center of the surrounding Tri-County Area, is one of the largest cities in South Carolina.

The Sumter County Courthouse is a historic landmark, designed by a Darlington, SC native. The Sumter County Courthouse is located at 215 North Harvin Street, Sumter, SC 29150. The Sumter Police Department has jurisdiction in Sumter County, though DUIs may be charged by any police agency with jurisdiction, including the South Carolina Highway Patrol. The active correctional facility in Sumter is the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center, located at 1250 Winkles Rd., Sumter, SC 29153.

Charged with Drug Crimes in Sumter, South Carolina?

lawyer workingThere are always stiff penalties when related to drug crimes. A thorough understanding of the criminal justice system is a vital part of your defense. ”Drug Crimes” is a wide umbrella that encapsulates a variety of charges and offenses. Any drug crimes charge should be handled very seriously, regardless of its relative severity.

At the Strom Law Firm, our drug crimes attorneys will dive into the facts of your case and determine what outcomes are possible. Determining exactly the charges at hand is an important early aspect of defending drug crimes. Shortly thereafter, our attorneys will waste no time challenging the evidence presented by the prosecutor and defending your rights. We represent clients in all State and Federal Courts in South Carolina as well as the Federal Courts in Georgia.

While charges such as possession may be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies, charges like trafficking are generally more serious. Typically, higher scheduled drugs bring more severe consequences. Schedule I drugs are known to have a high potential for abuse, have no accepted medical purpose in the United States, and are unsafe to use in treatment even under medical supervision. Schedule II drugs also have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychic or physical dependence but have an accepted medical purpose in the United States. Finally, Schedule III drugs have less potential for abuse than Schedule I or II drugs, abuse of which may lead to moderate or low physical physical dependence or high psychological dependence, and which currently have an accepted medical purpose in the United States.

The consequences of drug crimes are serious and will dramatically impact your life. Some of these consequences may include light to substantial prison time, probation upon release, and the loss of particular rights if convicted of a felony, including the right to vote.

Drug cases can be seriously affected by the legal representation of the defendant. At the Strom Law Firm, LLC our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and providing aggressive representation for your case. Our attorneys have experience, training, and the know-how to vigorously defend your rights. Our no cost consultation may be the first step in defending your drug crimes case and fighting for justice. Call us today to discuss your arrest, how to determine the evidence against you, and possible defenses.

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